"Para el Despojo"




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Mixed Media on Canvas

10" x 30"


Mixed Media on Canvas, 10" x 30"

Artist Statement:

“I celebrate the mysteries and the strength of the woman who believes with every fiber of her being, overcoming her fatal reality. To be a witness of the human condition, of being a woman, that from the material marginality rises with strength to overcome the ups and downs of everyday life with the impulse that only something above our world can overcome, placing that power in the manifested spirit, showing the solemnity of the gesture, a look, a change in the face... what body language expresses is what disturbs me and that I seek to reflect in my work. I have the certainty that there is something, a supernatural force or superior power invisible but tangible, that manipulates the threads of our humanity, often misery, the sadness of carrying a burden, imposed circumstances, whose only salvation or redemption is possible through the belief and devotion and that-known-unknown, invisible or visible only to those who want to see things — that by candlelight, altars, colored ornaments, prayers, songs and ritual dances are magically manifested and comply with that, beings that please what is desired ... those mysteries, hidden entities, the magic present in all manifestations originates in me the need to communicate these forms of feelings through drawing, color and composition in which I play with the placement of figures on all sides, because I believe that, like the reality of the moment, many realities coexist in the same space and time... I look at myself in the painting and I want to manifest the sensation of weight, the weight of our ancestral beliefs present in each magical ritual, religious practice and I aspire to the observation of my work in front of the spectator with the soul of people -their own- that has been forged with centuries of calamity and learn to value the legacy of the ancient heritage, resulting in what we are, in what I am.”